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SlippyPad is a unique product that replaces ferret litter and the litter box with a simple,  convenient, disposable corner pad. SlippyPads can be used in the cage, on carpets on floors, in fact SlippyPads can be used just about anywhere you need to protect from your ferret's business.


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We started using SlippyPads after we had already trained our first ferret "Slippy" with conventional litter box and litter, and needless to say the problems with litter boxes made us come up with the idea for SlippyPads.

With "Slippy", our first ferret, we did find at first he thought it was a great place to lie down and sleep (in the cage), but we solved this by doing two things:- we tied the pad using twist ties in his "favorite" corner and we placed some poop on the pad. We have had other feedback saying as soon as the ferret understands what it is for they start using them, so the poop method seems to do the trick!

We got a new ferret "Fox" three weeks ago and we used SlippyPads with him from the start, he took to them almost straight away. He did start sleeping on them after he had done his business in them, but we moved him to a hammock if we saw him doing that and he soon got out of that habit. We started with placing them in all 4 corners of the cage; once he figured out the corner he wanted to use we reduced down to a single pad and so far it is working really well. After about 10 days we had him trained in the cage using the pad.

Both ferrets from time to time have tried to attack the pads a few times if they are bored, so far the pads have not been destroyed if tied in properly.

Around the house we find both our ferrets use the pads without any issues, as long as they are placed in the corners they like to use.

We started with Slippy having litter boxes in different rooms and found he would push them to one side and poop behind them and he would find spots where the litter box would not fit. We placed SlippyPads in those corners and he started to use them.

It seems that the pad being completely flat on the floor is so similar to the floor or carpet they don't worry about them, so if they are placed in the correct location they use them every time.

With our new ferret Fox we placed extra pads around the house, but we found he started to use the same pads Slippy did so we have gone back to a few locations with a great success rate. He had one spot right behind a door so we cut a pad so it fitted behind the door, and sprayed it with carpet cleaner. So far he is not going back there but the pad is there ready if he does.

The great thing about SlippyPads is that you can put them anywhere and in any quantity as you want. If they donít get used you can use them elsewhere. They can also be trimmed to fit in strange places and pushed into odd corners.  

We use SlippyPads almost exclusively on carpet. The pad protects the carpet very well and also gives the ferret somewhere to wipe its butt as some ferrets want to do, (and generally do outside the litter box).

We have a demo video showing how much the pad can soak up and how it is a seamed unit, in the video it is called tidyferret but that is the SlippyPad, we changed names.

I hope this answers your questions about our product, as you may tell from my description of the product we are very happy with it ourselves and so far we are yet to get any negative feedback, some of the feedback can be found on our web site at

Please let us know if we can give you any more help and if you try our product we would love to get some feedback.

Best regards



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Slippy is a newbie

Hello everyone we wanted to introduce ourselves! We are Tony and Linda and we live in Houston, Texas with our 11 year old son Matthew, two fuzzies and a hyper Blue Heeler dog.

Our ferrets' names are Slippy (1 1/2 years) and Fox. Fox is 11 weeks old so he is our new little baby.

We got Slippy when he was a little baby during a fairly tough time when we all needed a little friend in our lives. Slippy came along when our son was recovering from a very badly dislocated elbow and Linda was recovering from a serious trip to intensive care, so he has a real place in our hearts. The good news is all are ok and recovered now.

Fox is our newest addition to the family and he is turning out to be a big ball of fuzzy fun! He eats and drinks like crazy, it looks like he is going to be bigger than Slippy when he grows up.

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