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Slippy Thanks Everyone for 2007

It's True, SlippyPad and SlippyMat joins force to help ferret owners!

You request for this product has made this addition possible in 2008.


As our sales grow, we'll continue to improve our products.

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Many Thanks and Regards from the SlippyPad Family

Slippy Pad = SlippyPad                  
  SlippyPad was developed for ferrets and specifically for Slippy. Once we got our first ferret we decided there must be a better litter product than what was available. So Slippy Pad was invented.  

Who is SlippyPad

SlippyPad is a start up company with a great idea we believe makes owning ferrets and small animals much easier, with a simple, convenient, disposable product.

We believe with the use of SlippyPad Disposable Potty Pads a ferret can be trained to not only recognize the pad for its purpose but will prefer it to conventional ferret litter products in a corner litter box .

We developed Slippy Pads as we wanted to have an easier way to potty train ferrets around the house and to do away with the regular chore of sorting out and scooping soiled litter and scrubbing plastic litter containers. We found it so much easier to have a clean cage all the time by simply replacing a disposable pad and throwing it in the trash, ensuring an odor free and clean environment.

We are improving and adding to our website and any comments, feedback or questions about Slippy Pad or our website can be sent to

Please book mark our site and visit us again we will be adding a Slippy Pad ferret training guide soon.

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What is a SlippyPad

  • Designed to fit in any corner

  • Highly absorbent pad absorbs and traps liquids.

  • Waterproof backing protects carpets and floors

  • Vertical cardboard backing allows pad to stand upright

  • Clean, Absorbent Litter Replacement

  • Easily Disposable

  • Protect both the walls and the floors

  • No more scrubbing litter boxes or having to scoop up soiled litter

  • The pads are fully biodegradable and environmentally safe

  • Ferret Tested and Approved

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Clean, absorbent litter Replacement - Ferret Tested and Approved

SlippyPad LLC, 9211 West Rd Ste 143-129, Houston, Tx, 77064

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