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In the Cage Easy Clean Up!
On any Floor On Carpets

SlippyPads and SlippyMats are no longer available. SlippyPad is a small business, and we rely on a small group of people to manufacture and support our product. At this time we are not able to continue to provide SlippyPads to our many customers.


We are exploring mass production options and/or partnering with other companies to be able to provide SlippyPads and SlippyMats in the future, as we believe that this innovative product improves the enjoyment of owning ferrets and makes fun time for the ferrets more enjoyable for everyone, as do many of our loyal customers.

Thank you so much for all of your support over the past 4 years.

Try SlippyPads with Confidence Saving Carpets one Corner at a Time

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SlippyMat - Another Ferret Solution you have been waiting for!


New for 2008


Ferret Potty Mats


SlippyMats are disposable square absorbent potty mats made from the same great material as SlippyPads

 SlippyMat absorbs and traps liquids while reducing odors and mess.

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SlippyMats have 100's of uses, here are just a few

    Flat 12X12" pad are perfect for floor and cage use.     Use all over the house in hard to protect locations     Can provide extra coverage when used with SlippyPads      
    Thank You

"Thank you so much for the support of SlippyPads over the year.

Linda, SlippyPad LLC


What is a SlippyPad?

  • Highly absorbent pad that absorbs and traps liquids

  • Waterproof backing protects carpets, floors and cages

  • Clean and Easily Disposable

  • No more scrubbing litter boxes or having to scoop up soiled litter

  • Vertical cardboard backing allows pad to stand upright

  • Protects the walls

  • Designed to fit in any corner

  • The pads are fully biodegradable and environmentally safe

  • Ferret Tested and Approved

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What is a SlippyMat?

  • Highly absorbent 12" X 12" flat pad that absorbs and traps liquids

  • Waterproof backing protects carpets, floors and cages



"Thank you so much for the quick delivery. My ferrets started using them the second day and the pads are so practical and useful. I  love them!"  

Merrell, Friendswood, TX

"I really liked the SlippyPads.  I like to take the ferrets traveling and they work like a charm in hotels, parks, at football games, etc.  very convenient to take along and also makes clean up a snap! "

"Since using Slippy Pads my ferret always goes on the pads and not on the floor!"

Crystal, Canada



What is a SlippyHolder?

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SlippyPads - Featured in Ferrets Magazine

See SlippyPad in Ferrets Magazine, Ferrets USA and Critters.


Clean, absorbent litter Replacement - Ferret Tested and Approved    
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